Suspect remanded over sexual assault of a mentally-challenged girl

Suspect remanded over sexual assault of a mentally-challenged girl

Suspect remanded over sexual assault of a mentally-challenged girl

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09 Nov, 2019 | 9:45 pm

COLOMBO (News1 st):- The young man arrested in relation to the incident where a young girl returning home by bus after attending a public rally of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna was sexually abused, was remanded until the 13th of next month. This was after the suspect was produced before the Mawanella Magistrates court.

Police media spokesperson SSP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the suspect was produced before the Judicial Medical Officer, the magistrates court and then remanded until the 13th of next month.

Police media spokesperson stated that the victim has been hospitalized for further medical examinations. He said that statements have been recorded from nearly 20 people regarding the incident. Meanwhile, three officers of the Hemmatagama Police, a sub-inspector, and two police constables have been interdicted for failing to investigate complaints regarding the incident.

The Police media spokesperson stated that the Superintendent of Police in charge of the Sabaragamuwa Province has suspended the officers on the instructions of the Senior DIG of the Sabaragamuwa Province. The girl’s father had lodged a complaint with the Hemmatagama police.

Meanwhile, the issue was also brought up in the political arena today.

Minister of Children and Women’s’ Affairs, Chandrani Bandara said;

“We have learned, senior leaders of the SLPP have attempted to influence the police to cover this matter up. However, the suspects are currently under arrest. In my view, this matter is nothing new to those of the SLPP. The people of this country remember, while they were in power, a former chairman from the Matara area sexually abused 100 women and celebrated it. The leaders at that time were even invited to the celebrations. Women are a joke for them. We have all witnessed how they treat women. This was a crime committed to a girl who was mentally challenged. The people of this country should now think, are these the so-called leaders who will come to power? The general public should also understand the state of the senior leaders, who try to influence the police and release the perpetrators who committed such crimes.”

General Secretary of the JVP, Tilvin Silva also speaking on the matter said;

“A mentally challenged young girl was taken away from the bus and sexually assaulted. What sort of a society are they trying to create? This was committed after attending a rally that spoke of creating a disciplined society. Now if the individual who screamed at the rally to make this country sexually assaulted a mentally challenged girl, do you think they can actually create a disciplined country?”

Minister of Highways & Petroleum Resources Development, Kabir Hashim states;

“It is sad, and disgusting. Its a shame, its disappointing that something like this took place in our area. This incident took place even before they came to power. Our society cannot accept this. A mentally challenged girl who attended one of their own rallies was sexually assaulted. They first hooted, they then open fire. So if such factions are given power, what will happen?

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