“I promise that we will eradicate all forms of racism” – Minister Sajith Premadasa

“I promise that we will eradicate all forms of racism” – Minister Sajith Premadasa

“I promise that we will eradicate all forms of racism” – Minister Sajith Premadasa

Written by Staff Writer

09 Nov, 2019 | 10:31 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The New Democratic Front Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa participated in a rally held in Ampara last night (November 8). Minister Daya Gamage, Ranjan Ramanayake and other MPs including Wijayamuni Zoysa also participated in the rally.

Speaking at this rally, the Presidential candidate of the NDF, Sajith Premadasa said;

“I intend to give the sugar cane lands back to the people who are cultivating sugar cane. What do you think of it? We will fulfill that responsibility and we are planning to increase the amount we buy a ton of sugar cane. We are working towards providing land deeds within three months. I would like to invite my opponent to debate these issues with me. I invited him two weeks ago. I do not know why he did not take up the challenge. Other opponents and I were present at the International Chamber of Commerce Conference. The SLPP opponent was not present. If he doesn’t like to appear at other places, he can come to Ampara to debate this. What do you say?” 

Also speaking at the same rally, UPFA MP Wijith Wijayamuni De Soyza says;

“MP Dayasiri is saying that he is not attending any SLPP meetings. Do not go for those meetings. The same happens to Amaraweera. If it was not for Amaraweera’s fake letter Mahinda will not hold both his parliamentary seats and the opposition leader position. But the SLFP supporters can vote for the swan. Wimalaweera, the SLPP is not treating you well. The SLPP is coming with another person leaving you aside.” 

Meanwhile, Minister Sajith Premadasa who is contesting under the Swan Symbol also joined a series of public rallies in North and East today (November 9). One of these rallies was held in Odamawadiya, Kalkudei in Batticaloa.

Addressing the people Minister Sajith Premadasa, the Presidential candidate of the NDF said;

“Can my opponent even read the names of the 14 secretariat divisions in this area? What is the difference between the both of us? I’m not someone who came from the moon or another planet. Neither did I come from America. I am someone who grew up here and learned to respect a person despite their religion or community. Both my father and I are true Sinhala Buddhists. Being a true Buddhist means that you shape your life around the principles taught by the Lord Buddha. The lord Buddha never encouraged his disciples to spread racism or hate amongst communities. When a certain group acts in this manner, it is very clear to me that they are not true Sinhala Buddhists. Priority will be given to upholding the Buddhist principles. I will protect Buddhism, while saying this I would like to clearly state that once I’m elected as the President, I will ensure that I will create an era where all communities, regardless of their race or the religion they believe in can live peacefully in this country, a country that is completely rid of racism. This I promise you.” 

After attending the public rally held in Odamawadiya, Minister Sajith Premadasa also arrived at the Kaludawli public grounds in Padairipu. Speaking at this rally, Sajith Premadasa said;

“The constitution of this nation does not have room for double standards. Everyone is equal before the law of this nation. That should be stressed upon. We promise that we will eradicate all forms of racism from this nation and like children of one family we will unite and form a united Sri Lanka and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this nation. On the 16th when you vote for me, I promise that I will build a society where Humanity prevails over everything else, and take this country towards development.”

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