Sajin De Vaas alleges death threats; releases audio evidence

Sajin De Vaas alleges death threats; releases audio evidence

Sajin De Vaas alleges death threats; releases audio evidence

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06 Nov, 2019 | 6:53 am

COLOMBO (News1 st):- Former Parliamentarian Sajin De Vaas Gunawardena revealed a death threat he received at a media briefing held in Kotte yesterday (November 5).

The former parliamentarian speaking at the media briefing said;

“A friend of mine from SLPP had called my wife and had asked as to what am I doing and to be careful. He had continuously stressed to be protective of my children and to think about their future. I did not mind this and I allowed this to continue. After sometime I convened a news conference in Ambalangoda and I expressed my views about the SLFP and the future of the SLPP. I expressed my views as my democratic right to do so. Then the same MP once again had called my wife and told her that Mahinda Rajapaksa had said that he would murder me and to keep my children safe and sound. Soon after that phone call, I called that MP on my phone. I recorded this phone conversation.”

The former parliamentarian continued to say that he was warned he would be murdered along with his children and that he releases this phone conversation after much thought.

“I was in their faction for 17 years. I was one of their henchmen for 17 years. For some fortunate reason now I am free from them and I engage in my politics with liberty. This is the truth. I will let all of you listen to this” – he added.

This is the conversation that took place between the former MP and the “so-called MP” from the SLPP

SAJIN – Hello

LOHAN – Yes, Mr. Gunawardena.

SAJIN – I heard that you have said that Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered to kill me. Why, what happened?

LOHAN – It doesn’t matter Sajin, what are you doing. What are you going to gain?

SAJIN – He will ask Yoshitha to kill me just like what happened to Thajudeen. That’s it.

LOHAN – What are trying to gain by this?

SAJIN – I am not intimidated by those things Lohan.

LOHAN – It’s not about fear, don’t you have two children?

SAJIN – Let him try and touch my two children.

LOHAN – That is not what I am saying. Why are you doing this? What you are doing is stupid.

SAJIN – It is not something stupid. What I am doing is….

LOHAN – You be the smarter one. You don’t have to get in to this. 

SAJIN – That is why I am being the smarter one Lohan. Right…

LOHAN– Yeah…

SAJIN – I am being the smarter one. Because what he did to me…

LOHAN– This is not being smart. You are being childish.

SAJIN – No… no… no… no…

LOHAN– Absolutely. What I saw in what you said was like a stupid child who got angry because you didn’t get some….

SAJIN – No… no… no… Lohan I do not expect anything from him.

LOHAN– Then why are you doing this?

SAJIN – It is simple as this. I do not have a problem with his son claiming the throne. But leave us alone.

LOHAN – Don’t you understand that?

SAJIN– I do understand that and I appreciate that a lot. But what I say is, if Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to kill me or my children. Let him try will you.

LOHAN– It is not needed. It is unnecessary for even a small incident to occur.

SAJIN – If even a small incident takes place, I will not fail to take action. It is the same blood that runs through our veins. I will not stay quiet and mind my own business. I will only stop after ruining his entire generation. I have already decided that I will not even attend his funeral. Lohan, you know what I did for him throughout 20 years.

LOHAN– I know…

SAJIN – I know what they did with Gamini and everyone. I know where all the money is and I know what they did from A to Z. Have I said one word? No. But it is okay.

LOHAN– Anyway, I talk to you on a personal level, I don’t care about politics or anything. Whatever I heard I told you.

SAJIN – But you tell Mahinda Rajapaksa, that I told you that I am not afraid of any of his threats. But if he touches one finger, one strand of hair of my family or my children, I will destroy his entire family. Tell that to him. Sajin Vaas Gunawardena is a man of that stature. He knows that and I know that. I can unravel all his secrets from 1 to beyond. Keep that in mind and tell him. I have not wronged him in anyway. I have not even wronged him in a minute manner. Okay? Therefore we cannot tolerate these things Lohan. Look in to it will you.

LOHAN – I hope so… I hope so.

SAJIN – Anyway I have no interest in them lohan.

LOHAN– I know. Politically…

SAJIN – Even if they come and worship me and ask me to come back, I will not go. I have already decided that. I have you told you.

LOHAN – Yeah that won’t happen either. We both know that.

SAJIN– Yeah that won’t happen so there is no point. So will do my politics and he can do his politics. Why is he getting so worked up?

LOHAN – I don’t know… I didn’t go to ask either.

SAJIN– I didn’t say anything personal. Why is he hesitating like this? I did not single out Mahinda Rajapksa or Namal Rajapaksa when I expressed my views. I spoke about my political policy. Don’t I have the right to engage in my politics?

LOHAN– You do.

SAJIN– Then what is the problem?

LOHAN – That is my personal thing with you. Just watch your back. That’s it.

SAJIN – I will watch my back. No problem. You say this to him.


The former parliamentarian further says that he has already made a complaint at the IGP’s office and also had written a letter to Mahinda Rajapksa on October 23rd which says ‘Honourable former President, in line with defeat at the Presidential Election in 2015, you committed many injustices against me. Due to this, my heart is pierced because you attempted to sacrifice me to rescue your generation. Few of these attempts include, the Supreme Court not granting me bail when I was in prison in 2015. Due to this, I was nearly imprisoned for 7 months. Something that cannot be forgotten so easily here is that the effort of a high official from the Attorney General’s Department and a Secretary of the former President to hold me behind bars for a long time as per the request of the former President. Number 2 is, rejecting a petition to amend my bail order based on the connection of a former front line minister. Number 3 will be, while doing all the aforementioned, not giving me the nomination to contest the 2015 Presidential Election’.

“I have proof of all the aforementioned acts. Parallel to the proof that I have of these, I thoroughly believe that the former President also has a conscience. I hereby plead him not to use my children to seek revenge from me. Because I will not bow down nor put a stop to my journey against death threats. You can resolve all issues by staying true to your conscience. I wrote this. I wrote this with my conscience. So dear friends this is the truth” – he added.

Meanwhile, MP Susil Premajayantha responded to the allegations raised by Sajin De Vass Gunawardena yesterday (November 5).

The UPFA parliamentarian says;

“Sajin De Vass was someone we didn’t give nominations to. There are cases against him in courts. Statements made by Sajin De Vass is not accepted by the people of this country. He is the one who slapped our former British High Commissioner. Who is on the UNP stage now? They are the ones who didnt receive nomination during the previous election. Sajin De Vass is also one of them.” 

He further said that if the cases in courts are heard appropriately that no one will have to murder him because he will be duly punished in courts.  Commenting on the released audio tape he said that anyone could easily create something of that nature.

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