Wasantha Senanayake dares UNP to remove him from the party

Wasantha Senanayake dares UNP to remove him from the party

Wasantha Senanayake dares UNP to remove him from the party

Written by Staff Writer

30 Oct, 2019 | 9:05 pm

COLOMBO(News 1st) – State Minister Wasantha Senanayake convened a media briefing today (October 30) and said:

“I was of the view that I should tender my letter of resignation to President Sirisena, and resign from my ministerial position.

In fact I have already prepared this letter. However, after a statement was made by a so called wise man last night, to remove me from my position, I have decided not to resign.

I will remain in my position, and will continue to do so. I make this statement in response to the person who challenged me. I challenge him to remove me from my position. Only the president of this country has the powers to remove me from my ministerial position.

After the 52 day government, they promised that I will not be penalized by the UNP in any way. They said I will be recognized and valued, and they even promised to give me a position in the cabinet. They came to me and begged me to rejoin the UNP. Many are not aware of this.

I have CCTV installed at my residence. So I have proof of everything. I have photos and video footage of every single individual who came to my house that day. As a gentleman, I refrained from releasing these.

Certain individuals visited me 16 times. Another statement was made recently, claiming that I have been removed from my party. How can anyone make such a decision? I have no charge sheet against me.  There have been no disciplinary inquiries against me either. As far as I know, I only raised a question, as I was of the view that this is a democratic country. Some talk about dictatorship. In that sense, if I can’t raise a question, I wonder where dictatorship is?

I received a few phone calls now, one from the party chairman as well, claiming that what had happened was a mistake. I said if it was a mistake, release a media statement in this regard.

In the past few days, I did not receive a satisfactory response to this matter. Therefore, I had drafted a later stating my intention to withdraw from politics completely. I wanted to send this letter to the president this morning. But I did not send it. I will now remain in my position.

Let’s see if anyone can remove me from my position. However, if I am removed, as a supporter of Sajith Premadasa I will continue to support him. This was my initial decision, however, after all, that unfolded in the recent past, I am forced to reconsider this decision as well.” 

Kabir Hashim, Chairman of the UNP shared his thoughts on the matter.

Kabir Hashim:

“If anybody from the party is supporting a presidential candidate other than who we have nominated, we will suspend their party membership or remove them from the party.

That’s why the General Secretary has done something like this. But Wasantha Senanayake has clearly stated to us that he is not taken a stance of that nature.

He has been very clear that he is supporting Sajith Premadasa. Wasantha Senanayake has been supporting the campaigning activities of Sajith Premadasa as a member of the party and a minister.”


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