“Deshaye Apekshawa” – NPP election manifesto launched

“Deshaye Apekshawa” – NPP election manifesto launched

“Deshaye Apekshawa” – NPP election manifesto launched

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26 Oct, 2019 | 9:23 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Presidential Candidate of the National Peoples’ Power Movement Anura Kumara Dissanayaka commented on the following matters at the launch of the manifesto of the National Peoples Power this morning (October 26). This policy statement, which was launched at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, has been named as the “Deshaye Apekshawa,” the “Expectation of the nation.” Presidential Candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake has formulated his manifesto through eight fundamental national policies:-

  • A land of prosperity
  • A land of contentment
  • A secure land
  • An evergreen land
  • A fertile land
  • A lawful land
  • A safe land
  • One country

It is noteworthy that in preparing this policy statement, the names of the scholars involved in each subject were mentioned. These include ensuring national security, implementing clean governance, promoting agriculture, not allowing any extremism to be built, taking back all the lands given to companies, and developing a new development program that is integrated with the livelihood of the people.

Addressing the masses the Presidential candidate of the NPP said:

“We provide one certification to the people of this country. There shouldn’t be anyone in this country who is above the law. That is valid even to the President. Most of them who controlled this country in the past acted above the law. So to develop this country the rich, poor, powerful and weak- everyone must obey the law.”

One of the main objectives of their manifesto is to build an IT-based education. The National Peoples’ Power aims to create a civilized citizen by providing equal access to education for all groups according to their qualifications and skills. It is also proposed to address the serious health problems faced by Sri Lanka to improve the health of all people. It has further clarified the need to provide suitable habitats to all and assured that maximum measures will be taken to do so. Another aspect of this manifesto is the restoration of the place of art and culture. The expectation of the National Power Speed is to bring the woman forward as a driving force and provide all the needs of the children for the future of the country. The policy statement also contains a set of 11 principles for building a clean Sri Lanka.

They have also pledged to build agriculture, livestock development, fisheries, and aquatic resources, energy and transport to build a sustainable economy. The abolition of the Executive Presidency and the establishment of a new constitution is a pledge of the National Power Force. The manifesto also states the promise of establishing a government free of fraud and corruption, plans on developing the police force, and eradicating the drug menace.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake also said;

“The country is poor, the leaders are rich. The country is in debt but the bank accounts of the leaders are full. Politics is simply a business. We assure that this business will be transformed to a service for the people of the nation. We will carry out several changes to achieve this. We will stop the retirement fee received by parliamentarians after five years. We will stop former Presidents being nourished by the people of the country. The cabinet will be limited to 30. There won’t be any positions as state ministerial or non state ministerial positions. And there’s a vehicle permit mania that does not suit this country. We will stop that dear parliamentarians. We assure that the expenditure of the president will be reduced by 90%.”

The manifesto also includes the establishment of a foreign policy that guides the aspirations of the independent national people of today’s world politics. It also asserts the right to freedom of media and access to information for the benefit of a democratic society.

Meanwhile attending a public rally held in Muttur yesterday (October 25) the Presidential Candidate of the National People’s Power Movement, Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the threat for this country’s security is because of political extremists and racist politics. He further said that the only way to defeat such politics is also through politics and gave the people assurance that they would defeat all of them.

“When our cricket team arrived at Pakistan, they were escorted to the grounds with high security including bulletproof vehicles. What does that show? The cricket team is safe but not the country. How do we secure the country? By having a country with no soldiers on the road to secure the country from extremists ?”  he questioned.

He added that racism needs to be stopped and that they are ready to bring in laws that everyone could agree on while also saying that if first peace is made that everything else could be done. Politicians and civil society activists representing the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna were also present on the occasion.

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