Those who jeered at the SLFP have been warned-Mahinda Rajapaksa

by Staff Writer 16-10-2019 | 12:04 AM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - Senior members of the SLFP who got on to the stage to vouch their support for the SLPP had to undergo unpleasant experiences as they were hooted at many locations. The Organization to Protect the SLFP has looked down upon this series of events and stated that the SLFP's decision to support the SLPP was wrong. Rajika Kodithuwakku, Organization to Protect the SLFP noted that for about 4 years, the Rajapaksa's have been propagating an ideology that the SLFPer is a traitor and that he or she should be destroyed and as a result of this ideology, the leaders receive its repercussions on stage. He added that this was a conspiracy and this was a blow to the heart for all true and real party supporters who wish to see the SLFP thrive. He went on to note that about 180 organizers said that the coalition between SLFP and SLPP should not be done. He finally added that it would be a short term social contract with the leader of the Democratic Front until the 17th of November and they will have the responsibility to uplift the SLFP from there. Journalist: The General Secretary noted that this situation has befallen the SLFP as a result of the UNP. Rajika Kodituwakku responded that the General Secretary was with them for about 17 years and they have no connection with the UNP. According to him, they only have a social contract with the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Alliance. He revealed that if  Gotabaya Rajapaksa becomes the President through this agreement in some way, "the secretary will backdate and give party membership to Gotabaya. Gotabaya will become the chairman of the party. That is the conspiracy." he added. Sri Lanka Freedom Party responded to allegations raised against them. SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri Jayasekara shared that the SLFP is there to protect itself and everything is executed according to a contract by the UNP. He added that they are on a quest to force SLFP members to switch sides. He went on to note that Pradeshiya Saba members, organizers and MPs were offered Rs 500 000, Rs 2.5-3mn and Rs 250-300mn respectively to switch sides. He added that the booing was a part of this plan. Journalist: WDJ was there at difficult times of the party. Dayasiri stated that he left before them. Journalist: Why is the SLFP joining hands with the party that hoots at them? MP Dayasiri noted that they need not worry about booing and they ought to face it. Journalist: Will they hoot at you in Kurunegala too? Dayasiri stated that no one would boo him in Kurunegala and he would take care of it if they do. He went on to note that there are those who adore them as well. He added that the UNP is worried about the election if the SLFP and SLPP join hands. The presidential candidate of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna as well as the leader of the SLPP, Mahinda Rajapaksa spoke about the Sri Lanka Freedom Party as well. Journalist: We cannot see the leader of the SLFP, Maithripala Sirisena in this election campaign. Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that he had decided to remain neutral in the matter and Mahinda Amaraweera note that the president is in charge of the police and he is the Minister of Defence, and believes the election should be independent. He added that this was the reason behind his decision to remain neutral. However, the SLFP which is led by him is committed to see Gotabaya Rajapaksa win the presidential election. Journalist: There seems to be some kind of opposition against those who joined from the SLFP. What is your stance on this? Mahinda Rajapaksa responded that they have warned them not to boo through the party members in the respective areas. He went on to note that when an organized few start to boo others follow. We have warned them. Through the politicians in those areas, we have taken steps to amend this. Perhaps there are two or three organized people when they start, the others start too. Wimal Weerawansa stated that they are aware of the set of people who engaged in hooting and jeering, and they are under the impression that a former president is responsible.