Sri Lanka will not face foreign military invasion: Anura Kumara

Sri Lanka will not face foreign military invasion: Anura Kumara

Written by Staff Writer

11 Oct, 2019 | 10:47 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Maha Sangha summit organized by the National People’s Power Movement, was held in Kandy today (October 11). The event was organized to obtain the blessings of the Maha Sangha, for the party’s presidential candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayaka.

Speaking at the event Presidential candidate of the National People’s Power Movement Anura Kumara Dissanayaka noted that even if one says that their motherland is important to them 100,000 times, that does not mean that the country will be protected. He added that they can kiss this country from Dondra head to Point Pedro but that will not ensure the security of the country. He noted that Sri Lanka will not face a foreign military invasion and those countries do not have to invade this country like that.

He went onto note that the method used by imperialists to conquer countries has changed. In the past, they conquered countries using cannons but now they conquer countries using briefcases. He added that patriotism means understanding this new face of foreign invasion and making a decision as to if we will bow down to it or not. Anura Kumara noted that first they must ensure the sovereignty of the economy.

The Presidential Candidate Anura Kumara Dissawanaya went onto note;

“Now 10 billion dollars is not enough to import goods and pay off loans. So we must obtain a loan of 6 billion dollars from somewhere to pay off our loans and to import goods. Is the soverignity of the country’s economy protected? If we have to take loans to buy our food and get more loans to pay off those loans, can we call our selves owners of a soverign motherland. What happens when we go to get loans? They impose various conditions on us. The Chineese say we will give you a loan but we want the southern terminal of the colombo port. So they give it to them. We go to India and ask them for a loan, they say we will give you the loan, but you gave a piece of your port to the Chineese and another part to another country, we want the remainder of the port. The Eastern Terminal, they gave it off recently, after signing an agreement. What has happened? We ask for loans from the United States, they say we will give you loans but we want land. Sometimes these embassies choose the presidential candidates, they sometimes choose the leaders of the parties.”

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