GM Railways should take full responsibility : Chandrasena Bandara, National Railway Services Association

GM Railways should take full responsibility : Chandrasena Bandara, National Railway Services Association

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04 Oct, 2019 | 6:40 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Presidential Secretariat has directed the gazette which declares the railway service as an essential service to the Department of Government printing.

The Head of the Department of Government printing, Ganga Kalpani Liyanage noted that the gazette is being processed for printing. She said that the extraordinary gazette notification declaring railway services an essential service will be issued before midnight today.

Meanwhile, the strike action launched by railway drivers, regulators, station masters and supervisors continued for the 8th consecutive day. The general public was severely inconvenienced due to the strike action today as well.

Railways trade unions said that the strike action will continue until their issues are resolved. Secretary of the Railway Engine Drivers’ Association, Indika Dodangoda noted that no authority has approached them to discuss the issues and therefore they would continue to strike.

He added that nearly 3000 letters of termination have been issued to railway employees and he advised the employees islandwide not to panic as they would make the right decision.

Ashok Abeysinghe, Acting Minister of Transport shared his opinion regarding the trade union action.

He added that he summoned them including the General Manager of Railways and they insisted on continuing the strikes. Minister added that the Chairman of the Committee of salaries had stated that if the demands of the railway trade unions are met the salary anomalies of the entire government sector will be increased substantially.

He went on to note that he instructed the General Manager of Railways to carry out what is necessary to get the department operational and they are taking the relevant measures.

Minister extended his sympathy towards the people of the country due to this unreasonable strike, and he stated that the government will not oblige to these unfair demands.

Anil Wijendra, Vice President of the National Railway Employees Union noted that the main objective of the strike action is to inconvenience the people of this country. He added that they have ascertained the strike is politically manipulated. He shared that they do not intend to support this trade union action due to the political manipulation behind it.

Chandrasena Bandara, Sub Committee Member of the National Railway Services Association noted that the General Manager of Railways should take the fullest responsibility for this trade union action. He noted that when the trade unions volunteered to run the operations the General Manager said no to the minister and lost the opportunity.

He also added that when the military forces were about to get involved, they spoke to the other trade unions and defeated that attempt too.

Ultimately, isn’t it the general public that suffers from all ends?

Will they claim responsibility if any harm is caused to the lives of the general public?


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