US aircraft lands at Katunayake again

US aircraft lands at Katunayake again

Written by Staff Writer

30 Sep, 2019 | 9:28 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – An aircraft belonging to the controversial Western Global Airlines of the United States of America has arrived at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

This particular airline company is certified by the US Department of Transportation and carries out defence and military contracts with the US Department of Defence.

Flight number N546JN arrived in Sri Lanka on the 28th from Liege, Belgium. One of the owners of the airline company is a veteran of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

While attempts were made to ascertain, what was aboard this flight, from a number of local institutions, a clear answer was not provided.

On prior occasions, when aircraft belonging to Western Global arrived in Sri Lanka, it was said that the flights arrived based on requirements of a local service provider.

This company, however, is a civil airline service, registered to carry out transportation services for the US Government.

A similar aircraft belonging to the same airline had landed in Harare in Zimbabwe on the 14th of February 2016. The flight had landed there on its way to South Africa from Munich, Germany.

After workers at the Harare International Airport noticed blood dripping from the plane, they had inspected the flight and found a dead body and 67 tons of freshly printed cash notes running into billions of South African currency. Zimbabwean authorities failed to identify the corpse found on the aircraft.

The South African reserve bank initially said that they would not print such a large amount of currency in a foreign nation. However, they later claimed that the money belonged to them and requested Zimbabwean authorities to release the currency.

Against such a backdrop, questions arise as to why an aircraft belonging to Western Global Airlines arrived in Sri Lanka with a Presidential election around the corner.

What was inside this aircraft?

We continuously questioned as to what happened to the money that was scammed through the Central Bank Robbery, when it was being revealed.

With an impending Presidential election, is it possible that this aircraft was carrying goods/cargo pertaining to security?

What was the aircraft carrying and what did it take back?

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