Salaries of the state employees to be increased from January

Salaries of the state employees to be increased from January

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26 Sep, 2019 | 9:11 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Ministry of Finance has taken steps to increase the minimum salary by Rs. 3,000 and maximum salary by Rs.24,000 for the public sector employees from next January.

Issuing a notice the Finance Ministry stated that the following decision was taken based on recommendations of the report submitted by the Special Salary commission appointed by the President.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the following salary increment will put an end to disparities that prevailed at different salary levels of the public sector.

Further, this will completely address the disparities in the salary levels of the employees in both the railway and postal services.

In order to resolve the disparities in the salaries of the railway sector, a new salary codenamed “TL” has been introduced for the officials in Operations and Supervising of the railway technical services. Initial salary of the TL salary code has been set at Rs 36,095.00. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance stated that Rs. 34,415.00 have been set as the initial salary of an assistant driver of the MT1 salary scale.

According to this amendment, the initial salary of a primary level public sector employee which was at Rs. 11,730 in 2015 will be raised up to Rs. 24,250 by 2020. The ministry further stated that salaries at Rs. 27250.00 will be given a raise of Rs. 3,000.00.

The ministry stated that overtime payments of the overall 1,100,000 public sector employees will also be raised with consideration of the salary increment.


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