“PM has deceived the Tamil community” – MP Angajan Ramanathan

“PM has deceived the Tamil community” – MP Angajan Ramanathan

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18 Sep, 2019 | 10:39 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – The Tamil National Alliance that worked towards protecting Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe during numerous occasions, made a promise to the general public today (September 18).

The Northern Provincial Voluntary Teachers Union carried out a protest opposite the Ministry of Education earlier today. MP of TNA Mavei Senadhiraja arrived at the scene and addressed the media following discussions.

He mentioned regarding his discussions with the group in the previous week. ” I said I will speak with the Prime Minister and Minister of Education in Parliament”, he continued. He stated that the teachers are continuing protests when those issues are to be brought up at the Provincial Council.

Mavai Senathirajah was also seen at the protest carried out by health sector employees opposite the Northern Provincial Governors’ office on the 5th of September and promised that a solution would be given at the earliest possible time.

Secretary of TNPF, Selvaraasa Gajendran highlighted that the TNA acts according to the whims of the United National Party. He further unfolded that they are in no discussions to find solutions for the problems faced by the people. “We got to know that they had discussions about the presidential election when they met the Prime Minister yesterday. Regardless of what discussions they have, they will have to listen to what India wants them to do. On the other hand, they are doing what will benefit them the most”, he continued. He further added that Sampanthan has received a luxury house set on 1 and a half acres, vehicles along with labourers to work for him. He mentioned that they do nothing for the people, and instead focus on what will bring them the most benefit.

Sampanthan has made a promise with regard to the issues faced by the Tamil community over the last three years. His promise was to find solutions to the problems of the Tamil people by the time of the Deepavali festival. He made that statement at Temple Trees.

Meanwhile, MP of UPFA, Angajan Ramanathan expressed the following views about the Prime Minister:

MP of UPFA, Angajan Ramanathan stated that the Tamil community is being deceived by Ranil Wickremesinghe. “He takes people to Gamperaliya programs promising them solutions to their issues but they have not been given any solutions”, he continued in reference to the Prime Minister. He emphasized that people’s problems have not been eradicated while they provide solutions to something else. He added that the TNA met with the Prime Minister to hold discussions regarding the Presidential election where he had mentioned about acting on the welfare of the Tamil community.

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