Party Leader does not have to be the presidential candidate: Minister Sajith Premadasa

Party Leader does not have to be the presidential candidate: Minister Sajith Premadasa

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09 Sep, 2019 | 9:36 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – UNP Deputy Leader and Minister Sajith Premadasa graced the opening ceremony of Day 03 of Enterprise Sri Lanka at the Jaffna Fort.

Following the event, the Minister attended a media briefing.

Journalist: There appears to be an issue in announcing the Presidential candidate?

Minister Sajith Premadasa noted that it would be sorted with time and it is only agitating for those who are unfamiliar with the concept of democracy.

Journalist: It is said Ranil Wickremesinghe would be the party leader until 2024?

Minister Sajith Premadasa responded that he is not aware of such and the prevailing issue is not about the premiership or the party leadership.

Journalist: As per the UNP constitution, isn’t it the Party Leader who should be the Presidential candidate?

Minister responded that it was incorrect since the last presidential election was contested by Maithripala Sirisena. He added that this is also an alliance; United National Front.

Journalists questioned the Minister on his plans to solve the North and East issue.

Minister strongly stated that he does not have different opinions when he is in the local or international political arena, and would remain to have single opinion on everything. He added that his vision was political, social and economic empowerment through maximum power devolution.

He further added that the provisions, blessings and support due to the Provincial Councils created via the 13th Amendment to the Constitution will be given and they hope to provide a better service to the people through an efficient provincial council.

Journalist: The Sinhala community should be made aware of your solution to the Tamil community?

Premadasa responded that he believes that to solve the issues that pertain in the country he should win the trust of all the communities in the country. He added that most of the politicians use the different ethnic communities and their respective issues as a football and passing it around from one to another.

He promised that he would refrain from this as it would lead nowhere, he would work hard to win the trust of all the communities where peace, prosperity, unity, friendship, brotherhood, and reconciliation will rule the country.

Meanwhile, The 274th model village constructed under the “Semata Sevena, Yali Pibidena” Uda-Gammana program, was declared open in Uuerelu, in Walikamam North.

This model village is named “Pokkanei Gramam” and consists of 19 houses and was constructed at a cost of Rs 17.3mn. This model village is facilitated with clean drinking water, electricity, access roads and with properly constructed roads within the village.

The Minister took part in a game of cricket with the youth in the area.


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