“We must open up the country’s economy to the world” – Gotabaya

“We must open up the country’s economy to the world” – Gotabaya

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08 Sep, 2019 | 8:54 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The third National convention of the National Freedom Front was held at the Sugathadasa indoor stadium today (September 8). The event was held under the auspices of the SLPP presidential candidate of the Gotabaya Rajapaksa. It was also attended by Basil Rajapaksa and party leaders who support the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. A proposal to pledge the support of the National Freedom Front led by Wimal Weerawansa was also approved at the convention. A number of proposals on developing the economy, and protecting national assets were handed over to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Addressing the masses Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that any government that acts on the advice of International Organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF could not safeguard the economy of the country. He further said that under their government that they hope to develop an economy that would be opened to the world but that all the while strengthening the economy of the country through a program that will protect local industries and its farmers. Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa attended the event after Gotabaya Rajapaksa had left the premises.

Also speaking at the event he (Mahinda Rajapaksa) said that the present government could not increase the salaries of the estate workers but that they could increase the price of bread. He further says that the government did not even need two months to rob the CBSL, but said that they will definitely bring those thieves before courts.

Meanwhile the Leader of the National Freedom Front, Wimal Weerawansa says that he recently revealed that six to seven heads of the US military arrived in the island and to the Hilton hotel. He further said when the hotel staff was to check the bags using laser technology that they have not allowed to do so. He further said that then a vehicle that arrived from the US Embassy had taken the unscreened bags to the embassy and that they had later confessed that such an incident took place due to a communication issue. Weerawansa questions if there were equipment within those bags to create another Zahran in the country since they have a justifiable right to think so. He repeatedly raised concern that the US aircrafts entering the country, the luggage that enters into the country not being checked could give rise to such thought.

“This is a country that has signed the ACSA agreement and allowed foreign militaries to enter the country during an emergency. A country that has a ship of the 7th fleet anchored off the Trincomalee harbour. They look at how this country can be turned into another Syria or Libya. You and I are in this fight to save this country from that”- he added.

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