“Sri Lankan economy is on the brink of a disaster” : R. Sampanthan

“Sri Lankan economy is on the brink of a disaster” : R. Sampanthan

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05 Sep, 2019 | 10:37 pm

Colombo(News1st) – The 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Moors’ Cultural Home was held in Colombo last evening (September 4).
The Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home was inaugurated in 1944 by some leading, dedicated, service-oriented Muslims who decided to form an association to promote educational, social and cultural activities.

The event was attended by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Leader of the Tamil National Alliance R. Sampanthan, Ministers, MPs, Ambassadors and several other dignitaries.

Speaking at the event, Karu Jayasuriya highlighted that all communities living in this country, have an equal stake and responsibility in promoting moderation and tolerance for communal harmony and sustained peace in this country adding that the need to create a culture of accountability and transparency in our social and political space as well as in our conduct for building trust and confidence among all communities living in Sri Lanka.

Leader of the Tamil National Alliance R. Sampanthan also addressed the gathering.

He stated that the country today, as far as the economy is concerned, is on the brink of disaster. He reasoned that as far as foreign policy is concerned, we do not know where we are. “We are in a dangerous state. This should not continue. This should be brought to an end. All political parties must come together. And work for the unity of the country and the integration of our people. That is the only salvation we have”, he continued.

The observations made by R. Sampanthan is perhaps hypocrisy at its best.

The people of the country will undoubtedly recall that Sampanthan in spite of his professed dissatisfaction with the state of the economy supported the very same government, not once but twice.

Now that the entire nation is on the cusp of elections, Sampanthan is shamelessly indulging in matters that are of great importance even though he remained silent at the time that this fiscal mismanagement was taking place.

Just as much as dairy products have an expiry date, it is perhaps time for Sampanthan to exit from the world of people’s representation and enjoy retirement.

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