Amarapura and Ramayana sects unite in historic move

Amarapura and Ramayana sects unite in historic move

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16 Aug, 2019 | 10:07 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- In a historic decision, the Chief Prelates of the Amarapura and Ramanna sects have reached an agreement to combine the two sects. There were three main sects in Sri Lanka, namely the Siam, Amarapura and Ramayana sects.

Today the Amarapura and Ramayana sects have endorsed an agreement to combine the two sects at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. The agreement that combined the sects was signed by the Chief Prelate of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Sect Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasi Thero and Chief Prelate of the Ramayana sect Most Venerable Naapane Premasiri Thero.

The Sri Lanka Amarapura Sect was established in 1802 while the backdrop for the initiation of the Ramayana Sect was set in 1863. The two factions reached this decision following discussions held on the matter over the course of the past years.

Speaking at the event, Most Venerable Kotugoda Dhammawasi Thero, the Chief Prelate of the Amarapura sect said that they do not need two separate sects and that all matters will be taken forward as discussed.

The Thero further said that they have a Judicature act, through which they have held discussions about it and presented proposals and also presented it to the government. He went onto say that regardless these were never implemented even when it was the first request made by the united sect. The Thero said that for their efforts to be a 100% successful that a Sangha Courts act is required.

The Mahanayake of the Ramayana Sect, Most Venerable Naapane Premasiri Thero says that all laymen and the Theros should call to mind how they attended all religious activities, performed meritorious deeds, spent time, money and energy to successfully complete all of this. With the signing of this agreement both Mahanayakes of the two sects will hold the position of Chairman of the Amarapura – Ramayana Saamagiri Maha Sangha Saba.

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