MPs go on inspection tour of Muthurajawela garbage dump

MPs go on inspection tour of Muthurajawela garbage dump

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05 Aug, 2019 | 9:51 pm

Colombo (News 1st): A group including Parliamentarian Nimal Lanza went on an inspection tour of Muthurajawela Garbage dump. The group has visited the site owing to complaints from residents regarding rising environmental issues caused by the dumping of garbage into waterways, and also the odour that emanates during the night.

The MPs also inspected the way in which garbage was dumped in the waterways from the Hamilton canal to the Negombo lagoon.

UPFA MP Nimal Lanza noted that the Muthurajawela conserved land contributes greatly to the environmental temperature and the ecological balance of the area. He added that today this area has been dumped with garbage, and this land is set to be sold by the government.

The parliamentarian said if the government continues dumping garbage and then eventually sell Muthurajawela off, this will be an issue for all Sri Lankans. He noted that alongside the Muthturajawela reserve is the Negombo lagoon, which is South Asia’s most beautiful lagoon. They requested the government that they take steps to prevent garbage being dumped in this area, which is in their control.

The Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, in a statement, said that they will mobilize immediately to close the garbage dump at Kerawalapitiya. They added that this was an emergency measure taken temporarily as a means of tackling the garbage problem in Colombo, further adding that the activities of the dump had continued for more than two years.

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