Funds for Batticoloa university obtained through worker remittances?

Funds for Batticoloa university obtained through worker remittances?

Written by Staff Writer

03 Aug, 2019 | 8:10 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Although the former Governor of the Eastern Province M.L.A.M Hizbullah said that the funds for the Batticaloa University came through the Central Bank and then to the Bank of Ceylon, a senior official of the Central Bank says that it is not the case.

The Parliamentary Special Committee has called for a report regarding the funds received by the Batticaloa Campus. Under the condition of anonymity, the senior Central Banker said the money had come to the Bank of Ceylon as a ‘remittance’. He added that it is believed these funds were assumed to be “workers remittances”

Investigations are now being carried out as to whether the banking system at the BOC has the capacity to recognize transactions such as this and for the appropriate red flags to be raised and/or whether this transaction has been classified wrongfully. The senior CBSL official added that the money has not come through the Central Bank.

Meanwhile, MLAM Hizbullah says that he plans to open the university on the 3rd of January 3rd 2020.

The facts regarding the “Batticaloa Campus” were revealed before the Parliamentary Special Committee as well. PSC member, UNP Parliamentarian Prof. Ashu Marasinghe speaking to News 1st regarding this matter said there are more facts revealed regarding this institution and that he would make a statement to Parliament on August 7th.

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