Scam at the Sugala Devi wewa

Scam at the Sugala Devi wewa

Written by Staff Writer

28 Jul, 2019 | 9:07 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The damage being done to the environment in the country seems to have no end. The most recent incident was reported from Monaragala. This is a revelation on illegal sand mining taking place at the Sugala-Devi wewa in the guise of removing silt and sediment.

The Sugala Devi Wewa supplies water to Kongaspitiya, Nawgala and Kooragamma that falls under the purview of the Siyambalanduwa divisional secretariat. 200 families depend on this wewa for their daily supply of water.

The area residents allege that illegal sand miners have occupied the area in the guise of removing silt and sediment from the tank. The locals claim that the banks of the tank have been completely dug out and that the rocks have also been removed. Further, the trees have also been destroyed. The residents of the area complain that the officials are oblivious to the massive scam happening behind this activity. The area residents state that the people engaged in the activity keeps telling them that the area has been demarcated by the Irrigation department.

Is it not the duty and responsibility of irrigation officials to focus their attention on these allegations raised by the area residents?

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