SC determines land bill to be put before PC

Supreme Court determines that Land bill should first be presented to Provincial Councils

by Staff Writer 27-07-2019 | 8:19 AM
COLOMBO (News 1st): Announcing the Supreme Court's determination regarding the State Lands (Special Provisions) Bill, Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri said that as per article 123 of the constitution read in line with article 120 the draft bill falls under the purview of the provincial councils and as per Article 154H (3) of the constitution, the President should refer the relevant bill to all provincial councils for their opinion on the matter and until such is done this cannot be passed into law. He further said that the Supreme Court says that this bill does not conform with the provisions of article 154H(3) of the constitution and as it has been included in the agenda of parliament the supreme court will not comment on the other legal positions.