Blue Mountain : Customers say investigations conducted at snail’s pace

Blue Mountain : Customers say investigations conducted at snail’s pace

Written by Staff Writer

24 Jul, 2019 | 10:52 pm

Colombo (News 1st): News 1st recently exposed a large number of financial frauds allegedly committed by the company named “Blue Mountain Properties” under the guise of selling real estate. However, many parties who have been adversely affected by this fraud claim, although complaints have been lodged in several Police stations, investigations into the incident are being conducted at snail’s pace.

Blue Mountain Properties has on many occasions mortgaged the property to banks and then sold it to the public and had ultimately lost both the property and the money.

Nadeeka Damayanthi from Australia noted that few of them lodged a complaint at the Galle Police Station, which was examined on the 18th of July. She said two employees of the Blue Mountain company were also present that day, however, no sustainable solution was provided.

She added that the officials from the Blue Mountain noted that they can release the land deeds if those who have not paid money, do pay the money and those who have already paid the money, pay an additional amount.

An individual who purchased land in Pannala noted that he has paid the full amount. However, it was noted that many people who requested a deed in order to obtain a bank loan were given a duplicate copy and when it was cross-referenced with the bank, the deed appears to be fake.

Chandana Prasad from Saudi Arabia noted that private banks can take over the responsibility in order to secure funds for mortgaged lands and thereafter release the land following talks with the customers. He noted that this would solve the issue in a more easy process.

Another individual who purchased land in Pannala said they lodged a complaint at the Kuliyapitiya Crime Investigation Unit. It was noted that they did not even receive a letter asking them to be present at a court hearing. They requested that either the money should be returned or the original and authentic deeds to be given.


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