Rich countries take advantage of poor countries by design : Prof Howard Nicholas

Rich countries take advantage of poor countries by design : Prof Howard Nicholas

Written by Staff Writer

19 Jul, 2019 | 10:11 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): A forum that focused on the fast-tracking economic growth of the country was held yesterday (July 18). The keynote speaker at the event was Howard Nicholas, Associate Professor of the Institute of Social Studies. Speaking about the theory of free trade and its impact on countries, he said that there is a theory taught by rich countries to poor countries to get them to do what the rich countries want them to do.

He continued to say that the same theory says that if we do what we are good at and exchange goods that all parties are benefited from which they can grow. He said that, however in this case what is spoken is garbage and that not even two minutes should be wasted debating it because it is riddled with theoretical and empirical flaws plus hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy aspect to the matter is that whenever it suits the advanced countries, they don’t liberalize trade in that area but only protect their market when it suits them and that free trade is not a concept that they believe in.

Following the event, a panel discussion was held and the Executive Director of Verite Research spoke about the role of the government in developing the country. The Executive Director of Verite Research, Dr Nishan de Mel said that although the country focuses on hard infrastructure only which comprises of ports and roads, that soft infrastructure is what is most critical. He went onto claim that the speed bumps on the roads should be rid of. He added that Sri Lanka is at a point where they complain about politicians and do not complain about the administrative capability and the efficiency of democracy.

The statement made by Professor Howard Nicholas on the free trade agreements is well accepted. While we respect this statement made by the professor, there are others who use public platforms to profound dubious agreements with other nations, that will amount to threaten our sovereignty.

Such experts who in fact call themselves experts would do well to remember that the speed bumps they refer to are the politicians themselves. The sooner that they are removed, the better it will be for the country. Perhaps this self-proclaimed expert has presidential ambitions himself and is so dependant on the funds that upkeep his NGO, that he will soon be required to sing for his supper. We will await the expected twitter warriors to now go to work. We would also like to remind them that we will then be forced to respond with more information.

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