JVP leader speaks on the third force in the elections

JVP leader speaks on the third force in the elections

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14 Jul, 2019 | 9:14 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): A new national movement under the title “Heta Pinisa Ada,” which loosely translates to a ‘today for tomorrow’ commenced today (July 14). The movement was commenced by the trade unions and the civil societies attached to the JVP.

There are 28 organizations affiliated to the JVP in this movement. The launch of the movement was held at the BMICH with the religious leaders and politicians. The agenda of the movement was also unveiled at the event.

Speaking at the event, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that the society has divided into three distinct camps, one going towards a very destructive, racial and tribal social progression under the leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He further said that the next camp is signing aggressive agreements and taking the country towards an economic downfall which at times comes together. Dissanayake also said that the third camp which is powerful has not yet transformed into a camp since it has not come together. The JVP leader highlighted the need of bringing this dispersed camp together since this national movement is the most powerful centre for the purpose.

However, in response to this statement,  Nagananda Kodithuwakku states that although the JVP speaks of being a third force that, that they cannot be accepted as an alternative force since the acceptance that the JVP had is all gone. He further said that it was the JVP who brought the 20th amendment that the UNP wanted in the past through which the executive powers of the Executive President was given over to the Prime Minister.

He also said that the JVP is not in a position to accept the rule of law in the country. However, he also added that there are alternative forces coming forward who have come not for a political career but because this country cannot continue like this.

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