Deputy Minister addresses concerns about octane values

Deputy Minister addresses concerns about octane values

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12 Jul, 2019 | 9:45 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development convened a media briefing to respond to allegations made by a consumer organization citing that petrol does not conform to the standard octane values.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum Resources Development, Anoma Gamage said that they tested Euro 3 and 4 with 92 octane and they figured out that this came to the country through an outlet of the IOC. She continued to say that after being informed of the matter that orders were given out to inspect the storage facilities and obtained a report on the matter.

She went onto say that they had actually obtained ratings like 92.3 and 92.4 and further said that although they obtain a test report before loading the oil to the ships, and obtain another sample before unloading that anybody could distribute it from the petrol shed. The Deputy Minister said that this situation is similar to both the IOC and the CPC but she further added that although they did inspect the CPC that they did not have the authority to inspect the IOC. She added that they wrote to Lanka IOC. Our attempts made to contact the Lanka IOC in this regard proved to be futile.

The Deputy Minister was questioned about the reports claiming that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation stopped issuing fuel to the Ceylon Electricity Board due to overdue payments.

She replied saying that the CEB has to pay Rs. 80 billion and the CPC too has obtained loans that need to be paid back. She continued to say that both entities belong to the government and that a balance for both is essential.

When the Deputy Minister was questioned if the CEB had made a payment, she said that a payment was made last week while adding that this is a national issue. She also pointed out that the recent power cuts were not because of this issue and that the fuel was supplied despite threats.

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