Another suspicious aircraft from the US lands at the BIA

Another suspicious aircraft from the US lands at the BIA

Written by Staff Writer

12 Jul, 2019 | 9:35 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Aquisition and Cross-Servicing agreement or the ACSA agreement, and attempts to use Sri Lanka as a US military supply hub has received considerable attention. Against such a backdrop a US cargo plane landed at the Katunayake airport early this morning (July 12). The Mc Donnel Douglas 11 aircraft belonging to the Western Global Airline, a cargo carrier, reached the Katunayake International airport at 3:47 am today (July 12).

Made in the USA, it is a large-cargo aircraft capable of flying long distances. The W.G.N 1710 aircraft arrived at the airport from Bahrain. The aircraft had travelled to Bahrain from Frankfurt Germany.

When observing the flight patterns of this aircraft it was clear that this aircraft had earlier flown to US bases in several countries in recent days. The aircraft has recently flown to Qatar Air Base on July 5th and Catania Air Base in Italy on July 2nd.

In addition, the aircraft had also flown mostly to US bases or military installations in other cities in the recent past. On the official website of Western Global, it appears that the US Department of Defence is one of the main clients of the carrier.

Therefore, it is doubtful whether the aircraft was a cargo carrier for US troops under the ACSA Agreement. It’s a known fact that previously the USS John C Stanis military vessel had exchanged goods via Katunayake.

The goods transported from Bahrain to Katunayake previously using the USS John C Stanis vessel were thereafter loaded on to the ship using special carriers onboard the ship. The goods transported in such a manner were not in any instance subjected to inspection by either the Ports Authority or any other defence body of Sri Lanka. However, the USS John C Stanis is now docked in the United States.

After tensions between the US and Iran escalated recently sighting claims by the US that Iran attacked two oil tankers, taking into consideration the security situation in the Gulf, the US has placed the USS Abraham Lincoln near Pakistan’s Oman Bay.

Did the US cargo plane arrive at Katunayake with supplies for this ship? Upon inquiry, the airport authorities confirmed that the aircraft had arrived and that there was no description of the cargo. SriLankan Airlines, which carries out civilian operations at the Katunayake airport, said they are unaware of the aircraft. The Sri Lankan Air force confirmed that they had not interfered with the movement of this aircraft.

On inquiring from the Customs, they said that the cargo carried out of the airport was inspected but the cargo inside the aircraft was not inspected. Taking into consideration all of the above facts, in this case, is this not another example for the exchange of goods under the ACSA agreement?

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