Anomalies in 19th amendment should be resolved before presidential election: MP Faizer Mustapha

Anomalies in 19th amendment should be resolved before presidential election: MP Faizer Mustapha

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28 Jun, 2019 | 9:20 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Speaking at a media briefing of the SLFP, UPFA MP Faizer Mustapha stated that it is because of the 19th amendment to the constitution that two leaders were created in the governance structure. He further said that when a President is elected through the public mandate and when a Prime Minister who is selected from the majority support of the parliament try to work together are bound to be issues. He also continued to say that the freedom was granted to the people through the framework of the 19th amendment.

The parliamentarian said that when there any laws that have shortcomings that solutions are found. He also stated that the parliament has a responsibility to present anomalies in the amendment before the Presidential election.

UPFA MP Mahinda Amaraweera also speaking on the matter said that their stance is that they will present a candidate from the SLFP and that their unions are working hard adding that it has been approved by the central committee of the party unanimously. He further said that the name of the current President was suggested for the post on a number of prior occasions. He continued to say that it does not mean that the discussions between the SLFP and the SLPP will be affected or that they will be separated. Amaraweera added that what is presently being discussed is whether or not both groups will get together and field one candidate.

He also said that they are trying their best to present one candidate from both parties and further that they are trying to present another person as the next Prime Minister after the Presidential elections.

Former Minister Faiszer Mustapha highlighted the flaws of the 19th constitutional amendment at this media briefing. He is of the view that this should be amended before the presidential election. The actions of this former minister who was a close confidante of the president and advised the head of state on these constitutional amendments at the time they were drafted, is not a secret to the general public.

The question on the minds of the people is why weren’t these flaws seen by this minister who advised the president at that time? Will the people accept the criticisms that are made by people who could not foresee the political turmoil that the 19th amendment would create in the country?

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