Doctors strike following a heated situation at Kalutara hospital

Doctors strike following a heated situation at Kalutara hospital

Written by Staff Writer

24 Jun, 2019 | 8:16 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Doctors attached to government hospitals in the Kalutara District launched a strike at 12 pm this afternoon after a tense situation at the premises of the Kalutara hospital today(June 24).

Government Medical Officers Association organized a public petition against Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne and it was signed at the premises of the Kalutara District hospital today.

While signatures were sought from the individuals at the hospital premises a mob of people including the Chairman of the Kalutara Urban Council Ameir Nasheel, and a Thero arrived at the location and protested against the GMOA.

A tense situation erupted following the argument between the two parties and cheap uncalled slander was involved. The Police intervened and diffused the situation.

Consequently, a group including the Chairman of the Kalutara Urban Council held discussions with the Director of the Kalutara Hospital.

Chairman of the Kalutara Urban Council, noted that the doctors were not entitled to get signatures from the patients who visit the hospitals.

Navin De Soysa – Editor, Government Medical Officers’ Association shared that the GMOA has launched a peoples’ no-confidence motion based on 10 allegations against Rajitha Senaratne. He added that it was interrupted by minister’s henchman, members of the pradeshiya sabha and they acted disrespectfully at the hospital premises. He went on to note that to show the GMOA’s dissatisfaction against the conduct of Rajitha Senaratne and his henchmen they have resorted to a strike in Kalutara district immediately.

GMOA – General Secretary, Dr Hartiha Aluthge confirmed Navin De Soysa’s story and that henchman sent by Rajitha Senaratne acted shamelessly interrupting the GMOA. He noted that the strike will be in effect from 12 pm onwards in Kalutara district despite the inconvenience suffered by the general public as they had no other alternative to their voice being heard.


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