Fate of our globally recognized ancient irrigation systems

Fate of our globally recognized ancient irrigation systems

Written by Staff Writer

22 Jun, 2019 | 8:25 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Sri Lanka throughout ancient times stood as a nation with an enriched irrigation technology.

But what is the fate of our irrigation system today?

This is the story of the Wegolla Wewa, in Nikawatawana Dambulla. Although it appears to be a normal piece of land, this is the Wegolla Wewa in Dambulla, Nikawatawana. Back then over 1000 acres of agricultural land were enriched from this wewa while feeding many other tanks with water.

Lenawa Aluth Wewa, Rota Wewa, Bellan Wewa, and Rangirigama Wewa are some of the tanks which water was supplied to during both Yala and Maha Seasons. But the present fate of this wewa is a fine example of the negligence by the responsible authorities.

The locals complain that it is pointless telling the authorities. The condition of the flood gates that releases water to both Lenawa Aluth wewa, Rota wewa and other water tanks is in a state of neglect. Due to the negligence of the maintenance of the wewa over 107 acres of farming lands are not utilized.

While the nourished soil of the island is ruined due to such mishandling and negligence, the authorities boast of large scale new development projects.

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