US using other nations to intervene in Sri Lankan investments?

US using other nations to intervene in Sri Lankan investments?

Written by Staff Writer

16 Jun, 2019 | 8:32 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Against the backdrop of the US intervention in many Asian countries, a matter that should be given serious attention is the intervention of powerful nations into investments taking place in our own country.

A recent statement made by Ambassador Alice Wells, the Acting Assistant Secretary for South & Central Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of State, before the U.S. House Representatives on the matter should be given more focus. In her statement, she said that they will be reaching bilateral and quadrilateral agreements with India, Japan and Australia on the practical steps that could be taken to coordinate the finance development.

She further said that the practical steps are taken to make sure that assistance programs like USAID or MCC established to promote regional connectivity will be maintained. She added that their President will be meeting Prime Minister Modi and the Japanese Prime Minister at the G20 where they will have the opportunity to highlight the new partnership.

However, the bigger question is does this mean that the U.S would use nations like India and Japan for matters and/or instances that they are unable to intervene directly?

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