Contents of the East Container Terminal MoC

Contents of the East Container Terminal MoC

Written by Staff Writer

16 Jun, 2019 | 8:26 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The contents of the Memorandum of Cooperation of the Easter Container Terminal of the Colombo Port which was signed between the governments of Sri Lanka, India and Japan, at Temple Trees recently is yet another matter of concern.

The document is titled the “Memorandum of Cooperation for the development of the Colombo South Port” It reads that the three governments share the view that it is of great geo-strategic importance for Japan and India to be stakeholders in the operation of the East Container Terminal.

The MoC further reads that the Government of Japan will endeavour to sign the exchange of notes to provide the Yen loan under highly concessional conditions to the Government of Sri Lanka at the earliest possible date.

The MoC says this could cover payments made by the SLPA prior to the provision of the said loan for quick placement of ship to shore cranes and rubber tyred gantry cranes. It adds a joint working group meeting will be held among authorities concerned and that they will discuss details of the terminal operating company that will be established.

Terms and conditions as well as the scope of the Yen loan to be provided by the government of Japan and the terms and conditions including duration of cooperation and resolution of differences. Trade unions attached to the port continue to question the move of the East Container Terminal being developed together with Japan and India when the SLPA has the ability to develop it on its own. It is clear that these powerful nations are using a principle similar to a ship using any port in a storm.

Even though the United States of America removes its GSP status from India when its global interests are threatened, it is clear through the statement of Ambassador Alice Wells that they consider India and Japan to be partners when they please.

It should be noted that if the countries in our region, who share a rich and vibrant history, do not comprehend this tactic well, the fate that will befall us, will be quite dangerous.

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