US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo due in Colombo

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo due in Colombo

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11 Jun, 2019 | 8:42 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is expected to visit Colombo in two weeks.

Morgan Ortagus, the State Department spokesperson speaking at the Daily Press Briefing said;

“I am pleased to announce that Secretary Pompeo will travel to the Indo-Pacific region from the 24th to the 30th to broaden and deepen our partnership with key countries to advance our shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific. The Secretary’s first stop will be in New Delhi India. Prime Minister Modi’s recent election victory provides an excellent opportunity for him to implement his vision for a strong and prosperous India that plays a leading role in the global stage. The Secretary will preview elements of a cooperative agenda during his remarks at the US India business council, India Idea Saba at the US chamber of commerce on June 3rd. The Secretary’s next stop will be in Colombo Sri Lanka where he would express America’s solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka as they stand united against the despicable Easter Sunday Terror attacks. He will also discuss promising opportunities for US Sri Lanka cooperation based on shared commitments to a free and open Indo-pacific region. The Secretary will travel to Osaka Japan to participate in the G20 leaders’ summit from June 28th to June 29th the first such gathering hosted by Japan.”

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alina Teplitz posted a tweet saying;

International Analyst Mohan Samaranayake speaking regarding the visit noted it is only a few rich and powerful countries that have been controlling the world for the past 3 to 4 centuries,.Countries like Canada, the US, Europe and Japan have been in control and they choose countries like Sri Lanka to be their obedient followers.

He added that there are people in Sri Lanka who receive education from taxpayers money and work their way up the ladder and when they come to a position they sell off their nation, and even their parents for their own benefit.

He believed that right now they have to identify the people who are behind this great tragedy that this country has faced and work to save the country from this situation.

When questioned why the US Secretary of the State is coming to the island, State Minster Ajith Mannapperuma said they have massive international support and it is because of this international support that they were able to arrest all those connected to this international terrorist organization in such a short time span.

He added that therefore they invite all of these countries, recently the Indian Prime Minister came to the island and when all of these state officials and state leaders come to the country the confidence the international community has in Sri Lanka, increases. He stressed officials coming to the island is a good thing as it is something that must happen.

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