AG complains that PSC affects 04/21 cases in court : Speaker does not table President’s letter on this

AG complains that PSC affects 04/21 cases in court : Speaker does not table President’s letter on this

Written by Staff Writer

08 Jun, 2019 | 9:17 pm

Colombo (News 1st): President Maithripala Sirisena made a statement regarding the special committee inquiring into the 04/21 attacks yesterday (June 8).

The President speaking during a meeting held with senior Police officials said no country in the world summons the heads of security forces, heads of intelligence services and heads of the Criminal Investigations Department to parliament and obtain statements in the presence of all the media.

He expressed his strong objection and sympathy regarding this situation and noted that there are 5 cases that are ongoing before the Supreme Court, regarding the 04/21 attacks. Therefore, the Attorney General has informed him that the inquiries conducted by the parliamentary special committee will adversely affect the proceedings of the ongoing cases before the Supreme Court.

The Head of State added that he directed this notice given by the Attorney General to Parliament. He stated generally according to tradition and according to standing orders, when the parliament begins at the start of the day, the first thing on the agenda are special statements by the President and the speaker is supposed to read it, but the speaker did not present this letter to parliament.

He said everyone who went before the parliamentary special committee were officials who had resigned from their positions. The President noted he had clearly informed the speaker and the parliamentary special committee that he will not send any official who is on active duty in the security forces or at the Ministry of Defence to testify before the committee. President Sirisena went onto note that he will take responsibility on behalf of them.

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