Catchment areas under threat due to Central Expressway

Catchment areas under threat due to Central Expressway

Catchment areas under threat due to Central Expressway

Written by Staff Writer

05 Jun, 2019 | 12:53 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Clearing processes due to the construction of Central Expressway in the Mallawapitiya divisional secretariat, Kurunegala has endangered an invaluable catchment area.

A catchment area which means a unique location where “the surface water from rainfall, snowmelt, or ice flow into a lower elevation to form a single body of water, that may be a lake or a river.” is a vital water source for any country in the world.

However, it seems that the Sri Lankan authorities are ignorant towards the importance of a natural water source even in a backdrop where another part of the country is adversely affected by droughts(354 627 people).

It was reported that the levelling process of the hill area had commenced in 2017 and within one and a half years mountains such as Werellagolla, Kudumbuwa, Palagala have already been levelled to the ground.

With the levelling of these hill areas, it is inevitable to avoid the destruction of the unique catchment areas in the mountains.

Area residents are experiencing the first-hand effects as water streams and wells in the area are drastically losing water.

Over 1000 residents of the areas, including Thalampitiya, Mahagama, Kumbumbuwa, Bulugolla, and Kohilegedara are already suffering from a shortage of water.

Due to the shortage of water in the area acres of paddy fields have been left barren while residents have been forced to travel miles to bring in drinking water for their consumption.

It was noted that the Kumburu Oya which provides water to the Daduru Oya originates from the hill area which is on the brink of destruction.

News 1st correspondent in the area noted that Kumburu Oya has completely dried up which is not a common occurrence.

A resident noted that the Grama Niladharie Officer and the Divisional Secretary should be held accountable for this devastation. He added that there is a political force behind the matter.

Residents of the areas in one voice demand authorities to examine the matter and bring an end to the destruction of this national treasure.

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