President : Never aware of the 04/21 attacks

President : Never aware of the 04/21 attacks

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30 May, 2019 | 9:54 pm

Colombo (News 1st): President Maithripala Sirisena reiterated that he was not made aware by anyone of the  04/21 terror attacks.

The President’s media division in a statement notes local and international reports which suggest that the President was made aware of the incidents are completely false.

This statement comes following media reports quoting the National Intelligence Chief mentioning before the Parliamentary Select Committee, appointed to investigate the 04/21 attacks, that the National Security Council did not convene after February 2019.

It goes on to note, a National Security Committee, with a different structure, was set up as the discussions of the national security council were being reported by the media in an unofficial capacity.

The PMD in a statement says the National Security Committee over the recent past convened once every fortnight and at times the President convened the National Security Committee once a week as well.

The President’s media unit goes on to note on April 8th 2019 the President called for a monthly meeting with the Inspector General of Police and Senior Police Officers. It adds that at this meeting which lasted for more than two hours, not a single officer present had mentioned to the President of any available information on a terror plot.

It further adds the Secretary of Defence, the Inspector General of Police or any other officials did not take measures to inform the President of any information of the 04/21 terror attacks made available by a friendly foreign nation.

UPFA General Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera speaking regarding this noted that the security council convened in February as well, however, afterwards, someone connected in this regard had given information to third parties.

He went onto note that another officer, claiming that it was a decision taken by the security council, exchanges information through a letter, which is later informed to the media. He pointed out that this is why the security council did not convene, however, the security committee convened once a week.

Amaraweera added that apart from a few officers, the rest gathered and provided the necessary instructions, he added that there was a meeting on the 8th as well.

The parliamentary select committee appointed to look into the 04/21 attacks, as well as the details revealed by the committee has come under public scrutiny. Many politicians expressed their views in this regard.

UNP MP Mujibur Rahman noted that the select committee was opened to the media yesterday, and revealed many details. He said the MPs of the joint opposition who attempted to divert this matter to a different direction, are now struggling like snakes sprayed with kerosene.

MP Rahman added that the former DIG attached to the Terrorist Investigation Division, Nalaka Silva had filed a B report to arrest Zahran, on July 2nd, 2017, under the Colombo Magistrate and when the DIG tried to obtain a warrant and act in this regard, he was suspended from work and arrested in September. He stated that the action plan was completely halted afterwards.

Speaking at a media briefing today UPFA General Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera said such a process will never take place in any other country. He noted that there were instances where they were continuously questioned, what “eyes only” mean, such terms are generally used by security forces it is confidential and not questioned by anyone.

He added that information regarding national security is confidential to the extent that even meeting minutes are not recorded, however, unfortunately, politicians in Sri Lanka expose everything and the countries intelligence units were completely dismantled by revealing details regarding millennium city. He said this is yet another phase that is currently underway.

National Organizer of the SLFP Duminda Dissanayake said they are making a request to the speaker to obtain information regarding any matter, however, maintaining such levels of transparency, in terms of information obtained from intelligence units, will harm the future of our country and our future generations.

Therefore, he said the request to refrain from live presentations. He went onto note that the present government, that includes the president as well, therefore, if any damage is caused to national security or intelligence units, the UNP must take complete responsibility.

This is what Leader of the National Freedom Party Wimal Weerawansa had to say;

“When the main perpetrators involved in the Central Bank bond scam, is assigned to investigate into those involved in the 04/21 attacks, we cannot imagine how to laugh. When we see the individual who said he does not remember how his spouse got a house from Aloysius, question the security officers, we cannot imagine what has happened to this country. Members from the JVP, the party which had Ibrahim as a national list nominee, are questioning police officers, over who were paid by the intelligence units. The 04/21 attacks did not take place due to any issue with intelligence units. The IGP or any other officer, can be assigned alone, and that is not a fault. It was even revealed yesterday that Minister Sagala Rathnayaka was informed of this. Without accepting that they committed such a sin, they summon the intelligence officers. Then there was Jayampathi with federal opinions. He is the chairman. Then there is another individual, who served respectfully as the army commander. However, he lost all respect by bringing forward the white flag matter. Those trying to white wash the Central Bank bond scam are now investigating into the 04/21 attacks.”

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