UNP’s desperate move

UNP’s desperate move

Written by Staff Writer

25 May, 2019 | 8:29 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Former General Secretary of the United National Party Tissa Attanayake responded to journalists who questioned him on the prevailing political situation in the country during an event in Kandy today (May 25).

Speaking about whether or not the country needs a new face to lead in 2020, he said that the resignation of Britain’s Theresa May is a good example for our leaders since she resigned due to a clash in her opinions with the party backbenchers although she had more time in her tenure.

Attanayake continued to say that she resigned only because she did not want the clash in her opinions to affect the country or her party. He further questioned if our country has the same value or if our leaders take the same responsibility or give a thought about the people of the country as she did, although we follow British political traditions.

The former general secretary also claimed that taking into consideration the situation of the country, that if it is required from him to come forward as an independent Presidential candidate that he would not hesitate to take it up. He also commented on the UNP bringing forth Dhammika Perera as the Presidential candidate for their party and said that he is very ashamed of how the party has become desperate to bring in leaders from outside the party.

Attanayake continued to say that this decision is a disgrace to the front line party members including Sajith Premadasa and Karu Jayasuriya, further saying that the candidacy could have at least been given over to a backbencher of the party without auctioning the position of the common candidate in such a manner. He added that Theresa May did not propose that a member of Ireland or Scotland be put forward as a leader, instead she had given the responsibility over to the party, similarly, the UNP needs to amend their behaviour.

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