Mahanayakes call for peace and non-violence

Mahanayakes call for peace and non-violence

Written by Staff Writer

14 May, 2019 | 10:00 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Mahanayakes of the three sects urge the general public to engage in day to day (May 14) activities in peace without violence. Issuing a statement, the Mahanayakes state that due to activities carried out by extremist groups, ethnic and religious differences have intensified.

The Mahanayakes say that it is a responsibility of the politicians, of both the ruling and opposition parties, to ensure the peace of all ethnicities and religions. The statement further states that as a result of acting to increase the number of votes, there are many unfavourable consequences.

It further adds that a statement made by a responsible minister, that Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist country, against a backdrop where there are is an unfavourable situation in the country, could further fuel the situation.

The Mahanayakes express their disappointment that the advice of the Maha Sanga, for the betterment of the nation is not heeded. They express further disappointment that these matters have to be brought to the attention of the authorities over and over again.

The statement says that it is the responsibility of all, to support the security forces who are protecting the law and order during these unfortunate times.

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