The law for the possession of swords should be amended: Dr. Harsha de Silva

The law for the possession of swords should be amended: Dr. Harsha de Silva

Written by Staff Writer

10 May, 2019 | 10:06 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Interesting statements are being made by certain ministers regarding the swords and machetes found by the security forces. Recently Minister Haleem said that swords were brought in to cut shrubs.

Yesterday (May 9) Minister Rauff Hakeem said, these swords are for self-defence. Comments were made in and outside the Parliament regarding the matter.

MP Thenuka Vidanagamage noted that a statement was made yesterday saying that there’s no problem of keeping swords in a house. He said in a few days they’ll note that there’s no problem to have a pistol or a gun in order to safeguard their children. He pointed out that this is Sri Lanka and not Chicago.

Non-Cabinet Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva speaking regarding the matter said when swords are found, some say that it is for the safety of women. He added that he has heard that swords are there in the Arab region but not in Sri Lanka.

He noted that the law prohibits the carrying of dangerous knives, if found guilty for the possession, a fine is Rs. 50 will be charged and if one is found guilty for the 2nd time the fine is Rs. 100 will be charged. The non-cabinet minister believes that these laws should be amended.

MP Janaka Wakkumbura also spoke regarding the matter. He noted that there are so many swords. He questioned; “Are there women inside mosques for them to have swords?”

He noted that a crime is a crime no matter who does it and noted that the Police should arrest those who have swords, as there cannot be two laws.

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