Search operations: religious school with LTTE books found

Search operations: religious school with LTTE books found

Search operations: religious school with LTTE books found

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29 Apr, 2019 | 5:54 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The curfew that was imposed in Sammanthurai, Chawalakade, and Kalmunai police divisions at 5 pm yesterday(April 28) was lifted at 8 am today(April 29).

Search operations across the island led to the apprehension of several suspects.

Theliyagonna Muslim Village, Kurunegala

The Police, Army and the Special Task force conducted a joint search operation in the Theliyagonna Muslim Village in Kurunegala.

Police noted that they arrested twelve suspects and seized four mobile phones, two swords, 32 passports, an unregistered motorbike and 3 minivans during the search operations.


Police were tipped off about a suspicious parcel at a garage in Tholangamuwa along the Colombo- Kandy main road, by locals. Police discovered several weapons inside the parcel.

A domestically manufactured revolver, 147 9mm live bullets, one SFG 87 hand grenade, 31 bore-12 ammunition, 18 T-56 bullets, 10 revolver bullets, 60 grams of GE 1509 explosive material and 03 electric detonators were among the items discovered inside the parcel.

The Special Force took steps to safely diffuse the hand grenades.


The army and police conducted a joint search operation in Dummalasuriya yesterday(April 28).

The search operation was conducted based on information received from an arrested suspect, a close accomplice of  Zahran the chief suspect of the Easter Sunday attacks. A religious school and several houses were inspected during the operations.

Equipment used for battle training, several books containing descriptive activities of the LTTE organization, and several mobiles phones were discovered.

Police stated that there were cuts and bruises on coconut trees at school premises implying that the trees were attacked with sharp objects or weapons.


A search operation in Nikewaretiya yesterday led to the discovery of four swords at a hardware shop. The police added that a suspect was arrested in relation to the incident.

Karaitivu, Wanathawilluwa

A search operation was conducted by the tri-forces and police in Karaitivu, Wanathawilluwa.

A total of six women were arrested and two firearms were found by the police.


A house in Kaleliya, Pasyala was searched by the security forces resulting in the discovery of several communication equipment. The communication devices included a device which can operate with eight sims at once.

Police added that the seized equipment was handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.


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