Easter Bombings: More revelations regarding bombers

Easter Bombings: More revelations regarding bombers

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25 Apr, 2019 | 8:17 pm

Colombo (News 1st): It has been reported that foreign intelligence services had informed the local police of the imminent attacks on Easter Sunday.

A senior police officer stated that intelligence services issued warnings on the attack even at 7 p.m. on the 20th of April. As foreign intelligent services had warned of the attacks on April 11th, a special security plan was in place in the Western Province South.

A senior police officer stated that as the special security plan was implemented based on intelligence received, planned attacks on churches in Dehiwala were foiled.

The Western province south police division had implemented the special security plan the previous night. Three suicide bombers who targetted three churches in Dehiwala were unsuccessful because of the special measures that were in place.

Meanwhile, CNN reported today (April 25) that an individual by the name of Mohammed Yousuf Ibrahim is being detained by the police as a suspect who aided and abetted the terrorist. Mohammed Yousuf Ibrahim is the father of the two brothers who were involved in the string of bombings.

It has been revealed that the two suicide bombers who attacked the Shangri-La Hotel, Ilham and Inshaf are brothers.

Quoting the former director of the government information department Sudarshana Gunawardena CNN reported that Illham Ahamed Ibrahim who was a member of the group of attackers, had been previously arrested by police.

However, the London Daily Mail reported that the two brothers had separately bombed the Shangri La hotel and Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

The father of the two brothers, Yousuf Ibrahim who is in custody for aiding and abetting is a famous spice trader. He also owns a number of other businesses.

Ibharim has 9 children out of which 6 are boys. It is suspected that the bombs used for the attacks were manufactured at the copper manufacturing factory in Wellampitiya, owned by one of his sons, Inshaf Ahamed. It is also reported that Inshaf’s wife is the daughter of a famous jewellery trader in the country.

The BMW vehicle that was parked outside their residence in Dematagoda is owned by the husband of the youngest daughter in the family.

A water bottle from the Cinnamon Grand hotel was found inside the vehicle. The wife of Illham had detonated an explosive at the house in Dematagoda while she was with her two children. Daily Mail also reported that she was pregnant at the time.

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