Easter bombers should be given capital punishment

Easter attackers should be given capital punishment: MP Mujibur Rahman

by Staff Writer 24-04-2019 | 8:42 PM
Colombo (News 1st): Convening a media briefing Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman noted that they condemn this as a violent, anti-national, terrorist and an inhumane attack on Sri Lanka. He noted that as the government, the perpetrators should be brought before the law regardless of their status. The parliamentarian suggested that they should be given capital punishment. He added that the government holds the complete responsibility of this and that they cannot get rid of that obligation. When questioned about the controversial situation that has risen regarding the burqa, the parliamentarian noted that their religion has not permitted covering the face entirely.  He noted that according to their religion the face should be seen and it was noted that a majority of the Muslim community do not wear that attire. When questioned if he would support the decision to ban the burqa, he noted that he will support it as they have no problem with it.