Armed forces and Police to be restructured in a week – President

Armed forces and Police to be restructured in a week – President

Armed forces and Police to be restructured in a week – President

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23 Apr, 2019 | 10:09 pm

Colombo (News 1st): President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the nation noted that the Government condemns the terrorist attack that took place on Easter.

While noting that this attack was unexpected, the President stated that the armed forces and intelligence community had been keeping tabs on the individuals who perpetrated the attacks since 2017. He explained that our armed forces had kept constant tabs on the individuals and that they had received information that the group was linked to an international terror group adding that they had received training as well.

President Sirisena explained that even though they had been collecting information on the suspects, they were unable to bring them before the law due to the lack of evidence. He also noted that this terror group caused this tragedy based on the guidance of an international terror group.

The Head of state commended the Christian community in Sri Lanka for their restraint in the face of such incidents. He also thanked the armed forces and the fire responders for their service.

While noting that certain sections of the state of emergency were gazetted, the President assured that these conditions were activated to allow the Police and the armed forces to crack down on terrorist activities. He added that he would completely restructure the armed forces and Police, over the course of a week and went onto note that within the next 24 hours, changes will be made to the individuals leading these agencies.

President stated that he did not receive any intelligence regarding such an attack, although the information has been received by intelligence officials. He noted that if he had received such information, he would taken immediate steps to combat the threat. He added that immediate action will be taken against the intelligence officials responsible for not executing their duties in a proper manner.

While stating that such a terror attack should not be allowed to repeat itself the President reiterated that this is not the time to point the finger at one another. He called on the Sinhala and Tamil population of the country not to look at the Muslim community with doubts and mistrust, adding that all Muslims are not terrorists.

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