DRUG BUST: Kolonnawa Urban Council premises used as distribution center raided

by Staff Writer 19-04-2019 | 7:58 PM
Colombo (News 1st): The police raided a room in the Kolonnawa Urban Council which was being used for a drug distribution network. Investigations are underway to search for two suspects who fled the scene during the raid. The raid took place based on a tip-off received by the Wellampitiya police on the 13th of this month. Three individuals who were in possession of 10 grams of ganja have been apprehended. When the raid took place, an electrician named Nihal Gunesekara, who occupied the room had fled the scene. Police stated that subsequently, 3.372 kilograms of ganja, 39 grams of ice, an electronic scale and Rs. 77,620 was seized. Police suspect that the suspects used this room as a drug distribution centre. Two suspects, both aged 23 years, and a 19-year-old teenager were apprehended. Police added that among the suspects was an employee of the urban council, while the rest were outsiders. The suspects have been remanded until the 26th of this month, after being produced before the Colombo magistrate on the 14th of this month. On inquiring, the chairman of the Kolonnawa urban council Guththila Silva stated that the suspect identified as an employee of the urban council was dismissed from employment a few months ago. However, during the police raid, the suspect had claimed he was presently employed at the urban council. The administrator also took steps to suspend the employment of two security guards who were on guard during the incident and a suspicious electrician. Chairman of the Kolonnawa Urban Council Guththila Silva noted that for the past six years they were aware that drug-related activities were taking place inside the urban council. He said they came into power a year ago and they wanted to put an end to it, however, they failed to do so.  He noted that one of their MPs had even received death threats and that the police was also informed in this regard. Opposition Leader of the Kolonnawa Urban Council Saliya Wickremesinghe speaking on this noted,
"We learned of such operations during the past six to seven months, and the matter was discussed during council sessions as well. 14 CCTV cameras have been installed, however, I am not aware whether they are currently in operation. We also proposed that security operations at the urban council be handed over to the civil security forces. However, due to unknown reasons, such proposals were never implemented. Certain councillors received threats as well. This matter could have been managed but had elevated due to delay in addressing the problem. We must be happy that the drug menace is being eradicated with the President's intervention. The present situation has been exposed due to the effectiveness of the Wellampitiya Police."
The police stated that the raid took place after tip-off received by the officer-in-charge of the Wellampitiya Police. The police added that they were not previously informed. Such statements indicate, that regardless of political representation, all officers were aware of the drug distribution network operating in the Kolonnawa Urban Council. Widespread public opinion echoes the sentiment that drug racketeers should be punished by law. The imposition of capital punishment is also being spoken heavily. The public continues to reiterate the fact that stern action should be taken against drug racketeers. It is abundantly clear that, if this is not done, the country and our future generations will be at grave risk.