Politician Nishanka Kodagoda released on bail after being arrested for harassing women

Politician Nishanka Kodagoda released on bail after being arrested for harassing women

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15 Apr, 2019 | 9:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Politician Nishanka Jayalath Kodagoda was recently arrested by police for assault and harassment. He was arrested for assaulting a group who were bathing in the Kantale Wewa and attempting to sexually harass several women who were present.

Nishanka Jayalath Kodagoda, who is representing the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) in the Kantale Pradeshiya Sabha, has now been released on bail.

The incident

A group of children and relatives of two police officers attached to Kantale Police were bathing in the Kantale Wewa. A family member told News 1st that three of his sisters were not among the group who were bathing, and remained near the van they were travelling in.

“We saw a group arrive on a bike and began harassing my three sisters. When I went there, they attacked me,” he added.

Police stated that Nishanka Kodagoda had also arrived at the location along with the group, and attacked the youth there before attempting to harass a female.

“PS Member Nishanka told them to attack everyone. Our father who came on a motorbike couldn’t even get down, around 20 people attacked him with poles and beer bottles, they attacked our whole family.” said a family member.

Those injured and hospitalized in the incident include

  • Police officers – 2
  • Women – 5
  • Men – 3

Another family member said: “My brother’s son called me and told that they are being attacked, when I went there a person asked me why I’m here, I told them my family is being attacked, then they attacked me as well.”

One of the injured has been transferred to the Trincomalee General Hospital for further treatment.

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