Water leak in Uma oya: Wastage of 800 liters per minute

Water leak in Uma oya: Wastage of 800 liters per minute

Water leak in Uma oya: Wastage of 800 liters per minute

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10 Apr, 2019 | 9:56 pm

Colombo (News 1st): No proper solution has yet been found for the water leak at the Uma Oya project. News 1st once again looked into the latest developments surrounding the matter.

The main tunnel of the Uma Oya Multipurpose Development project is 15.2 kilometres in length. Around 1.8 kilometres of excavations still remains to be done to connect the main tunnel to the dam.

The first leak in this tunnel between Puhulpola and Kandaragolla was recorded in December 2015. As there were difficulties in removing the excavation equipment from the tunnel, the project was continued. Efforts were taken to minimize the leakage with the help of German experts also proved futile.

While this leak has been taking place for about 3 years, the Project Director has announced that the leak is occurring at a rate of about 800 litres per minute.


People’s voice

“This is the well from which we drank. Does anyone do this to a well in Sri Lanka? The Uma Oya project is the reason for this.”

“People don’t have their homes. They don’t have water to drink. How are they to celebrate Avurudu? They don’t have a cooker to cook. I live on rent.”

“This Uma oya project has destroyed our homes. Even the paddy fields have been destroyed.”


Even though projects have been started in Ambadandegama, Makulella and Hali-ela to solve the water issue, these projects are still at an early stage.

While 92% of the total project has been completed, the work related to the underground power generation plant has been completed.

Minister Ajith Mannapperuma, who went on an inspection tour of this project, expressed these views to the media.

He said that when the issue of electricity is discussed, it can be seen that usually power is bought at around Rs. 28 to 30 a kilowatt. He went onto say that the cost of producing electricity at the Uma-oya project will be about Rs. 3.5 to 4 per kilowatt. He added that by August they are planning to add 123 MegaWatts to the national grid.

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