Let’s have fun with shopping online!!!
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Let’s have fun with shopping online!!!

Let’s have fun with shopping online!!!

Written by Staff Writer

10 Apr, 2019 | 3:57 pm

As Avurudu draws ever closer the streets and shops around the country are bustling with people rushing to make their last round purchases before the time runs out. The good news is, that you don’t have to go through the mundane and tedious tasks of shopping at stores and instead could do this from the comfort of your own home. From great deals to no queues, online shopping and E-commerce have made life easier for us.

This season we are all shopping for something. Whether it is shoes, home appliances or even household essentials, we all have something we want to buy. Online shopping is easy. It’s much easier to sit at home, find what you like, and have it delivered to your front door.

Here are 7 great reasons for you to shop online.


It’s true. Online shopping gives you a much better variety than any one store. The entire world is your playground you could have something imported from your favourite tech store in the US or go on your mobile and order something from a local vendor, the options are limitless.

We know as Sri Lankan’s that a lot of local stores do not have a variety to choose from. Each Supermarket chain in the country has a specific selection of goods available, and we know how annoying it is to hop from one supermarket to another to get exactly what you want. But when you shop-online, store hopping becomes as easy as opening a new tab on your browser, gone is the hassle of driving in painfully slow traffic, searching for parking and making your way through long lines at the counters.

So, this season try going digital …

  1. Avoid the large crowds

Don’t you hate when you go for shopping and see large crowd in your favourite shop. Don’t you wish for a way to not leave house and shop at your favorite boutique? If you’re more like that, well online shopping is just made for you. Wouldn’t you love to avoid large crowd when shopping for clothes this season?

Imagine fighting your way through other Avurudu shoppers as you make your way yo the changing room only to find-out that the line for it extends the length to the shop. What happens if you don’t like your initial selection when you finally reach the changing room, just thinking about repeating that process all over again makes me nauseous.

However, with online shopping you eliminate all the most troublesome parts of shopping and skip directly into the good stuff, the best part is you can always return it if it doesn’t suit you or fit you.

  1. You can Shop at Any Time You Want

This is another reason why online shopping is better. You can shop even when the store you need to shop at is closed and even if you don’t have transportation. You can fit it into your schedule easily.

Day or night you name it!

  1. Easy comparison and reviews that help you

You’re able to easily compare different products and find the right one. If you don’t know if you should buy those jeans, read the reviews to see if other people liked it or not.

  1. No Time Wasted on the Roads

With the Avurudu seasons coming about, we know how the roads are going to be. It will be busy 24/7 and how can you travel with this scorching heat. For many it just impossible and tiring just when your think about it. Tight packed streets and shops will give you a hard time for sure.

So how are you going to make a change to avoid this busy time? Easy the answer is online shopping. You can go in and come out with a limited amount of time without any complications.

  1. It will feel like Avurudu every day when your package arrives

Who doesn’t like the feeling of opening a package? That’s honestly the best part. It’s so exciting when your clothes or whatever you buy arrives.

It’s like gifting yourself, however, this happens more frequently. You don’t have to count day for your birthday, Christmas, Avurudu or any other occasion.


  1. Best deals

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Online shopping gives you cheaper deals and even discount codes that you can apply. You can select “low to high” and save tons of money if you know what you’re doing. Online stores even have their own “sales” or “clearance” sections to shop from.

Just because this is Avurudu Season there will be many things that you dreamt of buying, for cheaper prices.

Well, we as Sri Lankan’s know by that all these dandy and fine discounts are offered mostly for credit card holders. So, ask yourself this question, would it hurt to get yourself a credit card which will allow you to have fun and go nuts when shopping?

The HSBC Visa Cashback Platinum Credit Card is a prudent decision if you still don’t own a credit card. It is a pleasure to inform anyone who applies through the link below, that they will be entitled to a Rs.5000 voucher from daraz.lk.

Start hunting your favorite goods and services with your HSBC Cashback Platinum Credit Card now!!!

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