Corruption on sale of Wattala Urban Council land

Corruption on sale of Wattala Urban Council land

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28 Mar, 2019 | 8:22 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Minister John Amaratunga and UPFA MP Nimal Lansa traded barbs in parliament today (March 28).

Speaking in Parliament UPFA MP Nimal Lanza noted that the Wattala Urban Council called for tenders for the sale of a 77 perch plot of land worth Rs. 5 million which belongs to the Wattala-Mabola Urban Council.  He noted that none of the bidders were provided with tender forms. They attempted to get forms and were told that the land was not being sold as funds were being given by Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka of the Megapolis Ministry. He pointed out that each perch is worth Rs. 5 million, but it has been given for Rs. 1.2 million. He noted that there is a loss of Rs 3.8 million for each of the 77 perches.

Minister John Amaratunga noted that the Chief Minister has approved this and said that it is legitimate. Lanza responded noting he did not state that he (Amaratunga) was involved. He said, “if the hat fits, wear it, it is not relevant to me.”

Lanza stressed that the Chairman and the Secretary of the Wattala Urban Council are the ones involved. He noted that he will bet his position as an MP and that he has the complete file. Lanza then issued a challenge to debate it.

He noted that he will debate him (Amaratunga) on a media channel of his choosing. He noted that he can provide a video regarding on this matter. MP Nimal Lanza said Chairman Mark Fernando is using the name of Minister Ranawaka and states that he is providing funds and therefore the land will not be sold and thereby tender forms cannot be issued. He questioned; “What is the Secretary saying?”

Minister John Amaratunga notes that he (Chairman) has not said it. However, Lanza stresses that he has the evidence and will be tabling it today to present it to the CID. He noted that everyone from the peon to all the council members split the 300 million among themselves.

MP Lanza noted that all the land in Wattala is being reclaimed and he has all the files with him and can read out the names. Minister John Amaratunga however, claims that these things are being done by Lanza’s henchmen. Responding to this Lanza noted that he does not have anyone in Wattala and doesn’t even travel there. He pointed that Minister John Amaratunge is the one who is in Wattala.

Lanza noted that if they were in government these individuals would certainly be in prison, but it is their (Amaratunga’s) government in power. Minister Amaratunga noted that he (Lanza) can ask for an inquiry into any matter. He noted that he is satisfied that neither their Chairman nor any of their councillors have been involved in any kind of scam.

Minister Amaratunga noted that he heard that Nimal Lanza is planning to contest from Wattala, therefore Lanza is making false accusations.

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