“US at the forefront of UNHRC Resolution” – Mohan Samaranayake

“US at the forefront of UNHRC Resolution” – Mohan Samaranayake

Written by Staff Writer

21 Mar, 2019 | 9:11 pm

Colombo (News 1st ): Speaking about the UNHCR resolution on Sri Lanka international analyst Mohan Samaranayake noted that the United States of America is at the forefront of this resolution. He added that the countries that are supporting this resolution like Britain, Germany, France, and Canada have tainted Human Rights records.

He went onto note that their history has been written in blood, and the bones and remains of the indigenous people of those lands and even if you take the present day, the situation has not got better but it has worsened. Samaranayake said the United States had led almost all of the unjustifiable wars in the world.

Samaranayake pointed out that one of the main wars is the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He noted that about one million people have died in Iraq since the war in the country began and a majority of the victims who lost their lives are civilians. He questioned; “Don’t these people have human rights? Weren’t their human rights violated?”

He then noted that there is a ruthless war ongoing in Yemen and it is being coordinated by Saudi Arabia, and all the weapons and arms that Saudi needs is being supplied by America, Britan, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France. He pointed out that these are the human rights records of these countries.

Analyst Samaranayake added that Afganistan and Iraq were invaded, the government in Libya was destroyed, and their leader was murdered on the streets. He said after that they started a war in Syria and got involved in that, all of these wars were led by America and the countries in the American camp including member countries of NATO.

He added that Britan is the country accused of killing the highest number of people. Belgium is also in this camp. Samaranayake noted that Belgium economy was built on the exploitation of slaves brought down from South Africa, therefore, it is these countries that level allegations of human rights violations against our country who won a war against separatists. He noted that the United States of America uses human rights as a weapon to establish their power in countries across the world.

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena expressing his views on the thought had this to say,

“The figures that have been exposed by Lord Naseby is very clear. The Secretary General’s report has no validity as her facts and figures are wrong. She has read a report on Sri Lanka and this has been exposed by our delegation. Some of the facts and figures are very old in relation to many matters she raised. So the Secretary-General has been fed by interested parties especially in relation to the Mannar excavation of the skeletons. The Secretary-General appears to be going on the original complaint of the TNA. So she is becoming a TNA spokesperson. She should have double checked her report, double checked the correct facts and figures. The facts and figures have been reported in all newspapers. Scientific expertise and verification cannot be challenged. And the Secretary General goes on the wrong basis. Luckily the report was out before the submission of her report.”

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