The people protest; reject politicians

The people protest; reject politicians

Written by Staff Writer

11 Mar, 2019 | 8:01 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – In what is not an uncommon scene anymore, several protests around Sri Lanka saw politicians who tried to intervene being rejected by the people and driven away by jeering crowds.

 A group protesting against the inaction to resolve the human-elephant conflict in the North-Central Province was held in Thalawa this morning (March 11). Former Minister S.M Chandrasena turned up at the protest but was greeted by an angry crowd forcing the embarrassed MP to make a hasty retreat amidst jeers and hoots.

 In Batticaloa, a group of villagers demanding a solution to a water issue refused to give TNA MP’s Sreenesan and Yogeswaran any time or room to explain. After heated arguments, the politicians had to leave, again amidst jeers.

 In Colombo, a man protested against what he called was the unconscionable taxes imposed on the common citizen, while politicians of all parties enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. The man climbed a tree in front of the Fort Railway station as a mark of his protest. These protests come on the eve of parliamentary budget debates and the possibility of several national elections this year.



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