Migrant worker who was rescued from Saudi employer in detention center for over 10 months

by Staff Writer 16-02-2019 | 9:26 PM
Colombo (News 1st): It has been reported that a Sri Lankan migrant worker who was held captive in a house for 12 years in Saudi Arabia is now free and has been living at a detention center for over 10 months. This victim of modern day slavery named Padmasili Vitharana is a resident of Thihagoda, Matara. She left to Saudi Arabia in 2006 and had become a prisoner in the house of her employer. Following News 1st's revelation, officials from the Sri Lankan embassy in Saudi Arabia met with her on April 23rd, 2018. However, no official has taken steps to bring her back to Sri Lanka. Speaking exclusively to News 1st, Padmasili Vitharana noted that she had suffered a lot and that apart from the harassment, she did not receive any benefit. She noted that she contacted the Riyad embassy, and two officials came and got her out of the house where she was employed. Padmasili noted that these officials told her that she will be sent to Sri Lanka as soon as possible when she took shelter at the Masha detention camp. News 1st also inquired regarding this matter from the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Azmi Thasim. The Ambassador said that thought Sirasa TV found her and provided them with the necessary information, this matter must be dealt with the relevant Saudi officials. He added that they have bben told that she must pay Rs 54,000 and this matter is currently in the last stages of discussion with officials attached to the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia.