Policeman’s action brings disrepute to Police force

Policeman’s action brings disrepute to Police force

Policeman’s action brings disrepute to Police force

Written by Staff Writer

11 Feb, 2019 | 10:53 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): A police officer was arrested in Nilpanagoda, Minuwangoda. He is suspected to have assaulted three persons.

Two motorbikes collided in Nilpanaagoda, Dunagahapura, Minuwangoda. One of the riders pulled out a weapon and behaved in an unruly manner. Nearby CCTV footage captured the incident.
The man with the weapon was seen attacking those around him and then attacking the people who had been at a service station nearby.
“He pulled out the weapon and asked if we know who he is” – Witness
“He took a pistol and tried to assault us. Then directed the pistol at an innocent person who is a father of four” – Witness
The person fled the scene when the 119 emergency service was alerted. He was later found hiding in a house nearby. It was later revealed that the suspect is a Police Officer, serving at the Katunayake Police station.

A group of people gathered at the Minuwangoda police last evening. The group charged that, even though the suspect was arrested, the weapon is yet to be taken into the custody.

“We don’t know if this man is from the police or whether he is from the underworld. The people of this village asked if the pistol this man possessed was taken into the custody. The police didn’t comment. After the man was arrested at 9 pm, we were in the police till 2 am. Until then, the gun wasn’t taken into custody. What happened to the gun? Who is he to go around carrying a gun in civil clothes.” – An individual in the crowd

“He pulled out an ID to say that he is from the Katunayake Police Intelligence Unit, and then he assaulted my uncle. He then asked for Rs 500,000 and loaded his gun” – Witness

Our reporter states that three people who were injured in the assault have been admitted to the Minuwangoda Hospital.

The Police stated that this officer was presented before the Minuwangoda Magistrate’s Court, and was released on bail of Rs. 100,000. The suspect was ordered to be present in court on April 3rd.

Don’t the actions of such police officers bring disrepute to the Police Department?

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