WP Governor plans to minimize Colombo traffic

by Staff Writer 10-02-2019 | 9:29 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - Programs to minimize traffic congestion will come into operation soon in Colombo city. This will come under the purview of Governor of the Western Province Asath Salley. Heavy traffic is a result of the rapidly increasing vehicle population entering Colombo. Attention has been focused on clearing constructions that obstruct the movement of traffic. Accordingly, the roundabout near Galle Face was removed recently. An unauthorized construction on the Ishwari Road is set to be removed. This is an alternative route from Pamankada to Kirulapona and is expected to will lessen the traffic congestion on that route. The Governor commenting on the new developments noted that the walls built preventing traffic movement between Marine Drive and Galle Road will be removed.  This will allow alternative routes to be operational. He added that they would work to remove illegal constructions within a month